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Patients Served


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5-Star Reviews


ReNew Icons Patients Served

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David Pasqualone

You Have Nothing to Lose Except Your Pain

Today I was scheduled for surgery, and I was able to cancel because Dr. Dave found the problem and corrected it. First visit the pain went away. The Renew library has been valuable to relieve other symptoms and maintain this fabulous progress of pain relief. So grateful for the referral that brought him into my life.

Suz Declerk



You Have Nothing to Lose Except Your Pain

“Dr. David Harvitz is a miracle worker. After two years of chronic pain and consultations with numerous specialists that resulted in little to no relief, Dr. Harvitz was able to alleviate my pain entirely and diagnose the true source of my discomfort (something no one else could do) in one 15-minute session. If you are living with any type of physical pain, I cannot recommend Dr. Harvitz enough! Your body will thank you!”

Kristen Eccleston



You Have Nothing to Lose Except Your Pain

 “A well-known institute here told me I needed to have shoulder surgery. They said that my rotator cuff was torn, two tendons in my right arm were torn, my long bicep tenant was torn, my SPLENATUS was torn, and I needed surgery. Doctor Barry came and offered a second opinion. The bottom line is I do not have to have surgery. Within six sessions with ReNew, he has worked miracles on my muscles.”

David Dear

You Have Nothing to Lose Except Your Pain

“I had lived with chronic back pain for more than seven years… I had seen a specialist who referred me to another physical therapist, but the treatment plan (a few exercises) did nothing to improve my condition. Within minutes of Dave examining me, he was able to identify the cause of my pain. Not only was he able to diagnose the cause, he was able to treat it, and eliminate the pain that I had been suffering from for so long. I can’t explain how grateful I am to feel such relief. “

Nicole Hooper


Personalized Physical Therapy

Get off pain killers, regain your mobility and avoid an expensive surgery with the help of Dr. Harvitz and his team at ReNew: Concierge Physical Therapy.

We bring healing to your door and provide the best physical therapy with personalized treatment plans created just for you. You don’t need a physician’s referral to start healing with ReNew!

Faster Recovery

Our renewed approach to physical therapy can restore your mobility and alleviate pain twice as fast as traditional PT.

One-on-One PT 

Find freedom from pain with one-on-one, personalized PT with a doctor of physical therapy in the Florida Panhandle. 

In-Home Therapy

We bring physical therapy to you and have flexible hours to make it easy to fit PT into your life.

Physical Therapist Dr. Dave with Client in Pensacola

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How We Can Help

We specialize in working with athletes, auto accident patients, and patients with chronic pain or hard-to-diagnose conditions.
ReNew Icons Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

ReNew Icons Dry Needling

Dry Needling

ReNew Icons Spinal Mobilization

Spinal Mobilization

ReNew Icons Joint Orthopedic Treatment

Joint & Orthopedic Treatment

ReNew Icons Chronic Pain Treatment Management

Chronic Pain Treatment & Management

ReNew Icons Post Operative Rehabilitation

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Injury Prevention PT

Injury Prevention

Auto Accident Injury Therapy

Auto Accident Rehab

ReNew Icons Balance Training

Balance Training

ReNew Icons Sports Rehab

Sports Rehabilitation

ReNew Icons Functional Athlete Assessment Programming

Functional Athlete Assessment© and Programming

ReNew Icons Movement Education Training

Movement Education & Training

ReNew Icons Lifestyle Nutrition 1

Lifestyle Nutrition

ReNew Icons Dizziness Treatment Balance Training

Dizziness Treatment & Balance Training


Don't Know What Services You Need?

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Explore Our Recovery Stories

90% of our patients come to us through word of mouth. Many of our patients suffered for years without finding relief until they came to us. Hear their stories and how our renewed approach to physical therapy changed their lives.
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