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The only 100% mobile PT Practice in the Pensacola area. We make it easy for you to take care of yourself!

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Cash Based

Not utilizing insurance benefits seems foolish and possibly scary but the numbers say otherwise. Let us make the case for cash!

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We utilize a vast array of techniques from different schools of thought to target your worst issues first and start your journey back to normal.

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Chronic Pain

The CDC estimates that 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Worse than that, nearly 20 million of those Americans are so severely affected by their pain that they cannot perform simple normal activities each day. Many of these Americans shouldn’t have chronic pain. Pain has a source and it’s trying to tell you something. Throughout his experience in various settings and many years of practice Dr. Dave has developed a different way to approach chronic pain which has been very effective when other medical professionals come up short. Chronic pain isn’t an easy road to walk but we want to walk that road with you. At ReNew we want to help you discover what your body is telling you so that you can answer the call and move forward into a life of less pain.


How We Can Help

Providing patients with an alternative way to experience physical therapy by offering one on one sessions that demonstrate the power and possibilities physical therapy can offer.

Joint and Orthopedic Treatment

Pick a joint: neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, foot/ankle. Each joint has its typical dysfunctions and pain syndromes. I treat all of it to maximize function and movement.

Specific Spinal Mobilization

When you think of spinal mobilization, you think of chiropractors, but physical therapists are trained and skilled in spinal mobilizations as well.

Manual Therapy

Most people think of massage when they hear manual therapy but this is my specialty and the bread and butter of the physical therapy treatment toolbox to reduce pain and dysfunction.

Chronic Pain Treatment and Management

Chronic pain patients are the patients that do not fit into a classic treatment protocol and require a unique set of skills to help reduce symptoms. Dr. Dave can help!

Injury Prevention

As a doctor of physical therapy, former athlete, and current marathon runner, Dr. Dave knows the typical injuries athletes tend to experience. He will guide you through easy programs to reduce the risk of injury.

Movement Mechanics Education and Training

Want a better golf swing? Ever wonder if your running gait is appropriate or want to transition to become a toe/barefoot runner? PT is the answer!

Sports Rehabilitation

It’s important for athletes to return to their sport as fast as possible sometimes that includes managing an injury throughout the season. Dr. Dave can help!

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Sometimes surgery is necessary. There is no such thing as a successful surgery without successful therapy afterwards.

Geriatric Strength and Balance Training

Exercise is for our older population as well. Physical therapy can help patients prevent falls and recover from walking dysfunctions.

Ready to start your journey to being pain free?

What People Are Saying

"Dave has treated me for multiple injuries due to a major car accident. First with my neck, his recommendation required less work and visits than my chriopractor said would be needed so I decided to go with his plan and he was exactly right. My neck was back to normal way sooner with way fewer visits which saved me tons of money. Next up has been the ongoing treatment for my hip. Dave has extensive knowledge that I just was not getting in a clinic with more traditional Physical Therapy. My progress under Dave's care has far surpassed all expections of my surgeon and doctors. You can trust Dave from ReNew Concierge Physical Therapy with your own healing journey."


Bryant Spratlin


"Dave is one who I can say truly cares about the work he does. He’s not one who’s in a rush to get to he next patient but rather has a passion to get to the root problems of people’s pain. He take his time to thoroughly examine you and he is one you can trust. Highly recommend Dave. You’ll be in good hands."


Aaron Brewer


"Dave is probably the most knowledgeable and professional DPT that I have had the honor to work with. Dave takes the time to make sure his patients understand why they are in physical therapy, why physical therapy is so important in their recovery and what they can do to see the greatest outcome from physical therapy. Dave makes sure that not only while he is performing the physical therapy on a patient he is explaining to them what he is doing and how they are benefiting from it. This is not a common practice that you see anymore. Dave has the best bedside manner when working with patients he treats them as if they were part of his family. The knowledge that Dave has when using manual therapy techniques is something that not a lot of therapists have and it can really help patients with chronic pain.. We still to this day have patients that come in and specifically request him as their therapist. You cannot go wrong using Renew Concierge Physical Therapy for your therapy services. You or your family member will be in the best hands possible when working with Dave."


Vanessa Michel

Former Co-Worker