A Renewed Way:

We work FOR you,
Not the Insurance Company!




7 Reasons to choose Renew:

  1. Pay less than traditional PT
  2. Focused 1 on 1 treatment
  3. Treatment by Doctor of Physical Therapy
  4. Half the number of visits
  5. More time per visit
  6. Save time with no driving or traffic
  7. More time to learn about your condition
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How Renew is Different From And Better Than Traditional Physical Therapy


It may sound logical to assume that self-paying for PT services would be more expensive than allowing your insurance company to pay for a portion of your care, but in a lot of ways this simply isn’t the case. Many insurance companies will only pay for PT after you meet your deductible and even if that isn’t required, most of the time co-pays per visit are in the $50 range. With our self-pay approach, you will only be treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy (as opposed to an assistant or tech), have almost twice the time with your doctor per visit compared to traditional clinics, and will require significantly fewer visits overall.


We meet you where you are. Literally. Your doctor comes to you. Whether you need to deal with the joyful hassle of children or are a busy executive in an office, ReNew can save you time and make sure you are taking care of yourself at the same time. Your time is worth something. ReNew takes on the burden of traffic and driving, while you receive the best physical therapy the Gulf Coast has to offer in the comfort of your home, office, or gym. ReNew offers flexible hours at convenient locations. Your doctors bring what they need and because a large portion of the treatment techniques are manual based, we won’t need the assistance of large and unnecessary machines.


Our doctors specialize in manual therapy. There are many physical therapy clinics that reduce dysfunction primarily through exercise. This isn’t necessarily a bad strategy, but it’s only a small portion of the overall picture. Clinics use it because you can treat more than one person at a time, thereby increasing revenue. But with manual therapy, the gold standard in PT, you can only treat one patient at a time. With ReNew’s unique treatment approach, your doctor will specifically identify the 1-3 dysfunctions that are causing you the most pain and target them with the most effective techniques.


ReNew Concierge Physical Therapy offers a one on one experience. If you have had any therapy in the last few years, you may realize how rare that is these days. Each visit is as long as it needs to be up to an hour long. We will never short-change you and will not waste your time. Notes might be taken during your session but your doctor will not have his face in the computer. Their eyes will be on you, focusing on things that matter like your technique and form. You will have undivided attention, which makes visits more effective and reduce the overall number of visits you need.


Your doctor offers access to their knowledge base outside of visits at no additional charge with our free Standard Membership trial for every patient. Call anytime during business hours and work week and you will receive a response within the day.  Emails and voicemails are regularly checked and we are happy to be a quick resource for you when you run into issues during the day. You’re never alone when you are apart of the ReNew family. We will walk alongside you and you don’t have to wait until the next visit to figure something out. This will speed up your healing process with less wasted time and effort.

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We offer emergency PRN (or as needed) visits. Just to clarify, we are not talking about a 911 level emergency but a PT emergency. If you wake up and your back is in excruciating pain and you can’t move, or you need to call out of work because your shoulder is in too much pain, your doctor can see you that day. We can see you on your worst days. This is this is one of the greatest benefits of ReNew – concierge services.


We offer a lot of flexibility. Because we only see a handful of patients at any time, we offer flexibility for your schedule. This allows your doctor to concentrate on you more fully. You aren’t 1/75 patients that your doctor deals with. You aren’t a faded face that your PT forgot in the shuffle. Whether you need very early visits or after business hours, we can work with your schedule. If you need an extra visit due to increased pain overnight, there’s a good chance your doctor can accommodate you that day. As a concierge service, we can fit you into a normally full day easily, as opposed to a traditional PT practice that sees 14-18 patients per day. Let us serve you.

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The Problem With Traditional Physical Therapy

The typical medical model of therapy has no incentive for therapists to perform at their peak, reducing the length and severity of your pain quickly and specifically. This is not to say your PT or other professionals that you have seen haven’t been good or haven’t done everything they could to improve your condition. What I am saying is this: performance doesn’t change the bottom line in traditional clinics. With ReNew, I am betting the value you receive from my treatment out-weighs the cash you spend, otherwise my business fails.
Traditional therapy clinics rely heavily on health insurance companies for their revenue. Unfortunately, reimbursement rates from those companies are consistently reduced year after year. The profit margins for private practice are in the single digits. This forces clinics to cut corners and think about money rather than quality when considering your care. I have worked in clinics that pushed the PTs to sell unnecessary orthotics or incentivized us to sell therapy balls, equipment or merchandise just to help cover operational costs. It’s a difficult position to be in.
Most outpatient clinics have moved to a model where PTs only perform the evaluations and discharges (paperwork) for patients and 95% of the treatment falls on the physical therapy assistants (PTAs). Your traditional rehabilitation of knee and hip replacements are excellent for the level of training PTAs receive and I have a lot of respect for my PTA colleagues but their inability to diagnose dysfunction and mobilize joints make the care they offer inferior to that of a manual therapy trained PT. In addition to utilizing physical therapy assistants instead of physical therapists, clinics have attempted to save money by requiring their therapists to see 2-3 patients simultaneously. This simply doesn’t set the patient up to receive the highest level of attention and care from the therapist.
A treatment plan in a traditional clinic is heavily influenced by insurance constraints. Most companies only authorize a very limited number of therapy visits per year. While in some cases this may be sufficient, in many instances I have seen people having to leave clinics in chronic pain because they don’t have the time, they need to get sufficient treatment. No one but you and your healthcare provider should have a say in the type or length of care you receive.
Physical therapists wish we had more time. Just when things get going, we need to move on to the next person on our list. Most patients see a therapist for 40 min in a traditional clinic due to insurance reimbursement. Moving to a cash-based system allows me to see patients as long as necessary to maximize the efficacy of your treatment.