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Everyone needs to have his or her own physical therapist. You have your own physician, why not your own PT? Your physician takes care of your medical needs such as getting yearly bloodwork assessed, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels etc. Unfortunately, we never look at our physical and functional wellbeing

Here in ReNew’s VIP program, you can take your physical health into your own hands and defeat pain before it starts. Pain is always the result of dysfunction but not all dysfunction causes pain right away.

Insurance companies and the typical medical system is way too reactionary in its approach and at ReNew, we what to change that. Operating outside the normal insurance world allows us to really serve you and your specific needs.

With more time and less patients, your personal PT will take you through ReNew’s PTVIP Program throughout the year. It is a comprehensive program that includes advanced physical assessment, diagnostic testing and movement screens that have been shown to detect issues earlier before pain starts. Unfortunately, all this is not typically covered by insurance, but now you have access to it!

We have 3 options to choose from:

Standard Video Membership

a. 250 videos (approximately 30 videos per body part) ordered in a logical progression

b. Access to your physical therapist throughout the year for quick phone consultations to determine the next step or exercise that is right for you.

PTVIP Prevention Membership

a. Free Evaluations for anything!

i. You receive an evaluation (screen) on the day you start the PTVIP program
ii. Then 6 months later you get another scheduled evaluation (screen)
iii. During the year, you receive unlimited evaluations for new pain problems

b. 20% off all treatment packages

c. We have single patient and family plan options available

d. This pays for itself in 3 evaluations during the year plus deep discounts for treatment

e. This is perfect for the oft injured athlete or patient with frequent flare ups.

PTVIP Maintenance Membership

a. One maintenance visit per month for the year working on:

i. Joint mobility, muscle flexibility, exercise progression, sport specific training

b. Your first session is a full body screen to find all the current deficits you have that may or may not be causing pain. You receive a second one at 6-month follow up

c. 20% off all additional evaluation and treatment packages

d. We have a 60-minute and 90-minute session options available

d. Priority schedulinglus deep discounts for treatment

e. Priority scheduling

f. Free 15-minute Telehealth visits to address single issue problems

g. Full access to online exercise library of 250+ videos to keep you on tracke problems

h. Access to your PT’s private phone to update exercise protocol or answer questions as you need