Think You Know What Physical Therapy Is?

What Is Physical Therapy?


Dr. Harvitz defines physical therapy as this: Physical therapy is the skill of figuring out what you can’t do and helping you do it anyway. We fix dysfunction and restore normal movement.


The APTA makes it sound more professional: Physical therapists (PTs) are movement experts who optimize quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education.


Over the past 25 years, professional physical therapy has grown immensely in its treatment scope and clinical skills. Using objective measures, advanced imaging, and peer-reviewed studies, therapists are able to do more to prevent and treat pain and injury more than ever before.


Previous generations of physical therapists received bachelor’s degrees, modern clinicians are required to complete doctorate programs, internships, and advanced studies in order to treat patients. Improvements in diagnostics skills and treatment protocols have resulted in more independence from primary healthcare providers and surgeons, and better outcomes for patients. We are eager to demonstrate this new generation of therapy for you. Check all of our services.

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We are the premier musculoskeletal and movement experts in the medical community that are easy to access and have the time to walk you through your problems.

Physical Therapy Doctors are different from medical doctors. Medical doctors are trained differently, and they think of joints differently than a PT. They know more details about the medical side of your care but lack the functional knowledge to help you relieve pain in a natural and healthy way absent pain medication or surgery. It’s not who’s better, but who you need and when. 

Physical therapists are specifically trained to discern the difference between major medical problems and specific functional issues they can treat. There’s no need to wait and see a physician in 1-2 months when you can see a physical therapist right away. If you present with signs or symptoms of a major medical problem, your doctor will immediately refer you to the proper medical professional before any treatment to ensure your safety and health.

Physical therapists have a wide practice act allowing them to perform treatment options similar to other professionals. For example, a PT can do in one treatment session what it takes three other medical professionals to do. They mobilize joints similar to a chiropractor, treat soft tissues and your muscles with techniques similar to a massage therapist, and can apply exercise more specifically than a personal trainer. Physical therapy is your one stop shop for all things pain related.