When did cheap health care become

preferable to quality health care? 


The case for cash!

No – we don’t take insurance, but…


YOU STILL MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET REIMBURSED FROM YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY!  In many cases, this is true. For most insurance companies, you can find a claim form on their website. Simply print it out and submit it along with a superbill that you request from us. The amount you are reimbursed is dependent on your “Out-Of-Network Physical Therapy” expense benefits.


Here’s why a cash-based model is superior to traditional PT: Do you have a high deductible insurance plan? If you do, usually your insurance company will not start covering any of your PT visits until your deductible is met. In this case, Renew is AT MINIMUM HALF THE COST compared to traditional PT on a per visit comparison AND Renew averages half the visits/time required compared to traditional PT. In this scenario, the most cost-effective choice is a cash-based model without question.

  • Currently, traditional PT clinics charge between $200-300 PER VISIT until you hit your deductible – that’s after their “discounts.”
  • ReNew is only $125 – you do the math.
Visit Table

Let’s assume you actually have a plan that will cover costs before the deductible is met. In many cases, your copay is still in the $35-$50 range. Let’s see how Renew stacks up here. 

  • Traditional PT: 2x per week for 6 weeks = 12 visits over 6 weeks @ $50 copays = $600
  • Renew PT: 6 visits over 4 weeks = 6 visits @ $697 with a package discount
  • The scenario above is typical for the Pensacola area. Traditional therapy can be competitive. You could pay slightly more with a cash-based model, but you have to consider what you are receiving for that price. The main benefit is on average you only have 6 visits vs 12 visits – that’s about 6 hours of your time back not to mention the extra time in the car to and from the PT clinic. What is that worth to you?  

Despite the anecdotal experience, we may not be giving a cash-based model enough credit. The research is suggesting that a cash-based model is actually more cost-effective than a traditional insurance-based model. 

  • When comparing patients with similar conditions, the research found the following numbers:
    • Total cost of care for the cash-based practice averaged $780 
    • Total cost of care for the insurance-based practice averaged $936.
Cost table

In traditional PT, you will typically have 40-minute sessions, during those visits you might work with an actual physical therapist for 15 mins each session. During your treatment with Renew, you will see a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a full 60-minute treatment session. That is the equivalent of 4 treatment sessions in a traditional clinic where you only see your physical therapist for 15 minutes. In a traditional clinic it would take you 4 visits, 4 total copays of $50 adding up to $200 to receive the same quality of care Renew offers you in 1 visit for $125. 



Even if you have insurance you should still choose to pay cash for your care because:

  • You will pay less than you normally would in a traditional clinic
  • You receive focused 1 on 1 treatment sessions
  • You are only treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • You save time with the number of visits you need
  • You save time with driving and traffic
  • You receive more time per visit
  • And you have more time to learn and receive education on your condition

In the end, the math and quality is certainly in your favor with Renew!


 Rates and Payment Options:

Our rates:

1. Evaluation: $150 (paid with check) for 75-minute session including your first treatment.

2. Follow up visits: $125 (paid with check) for 60-minute sessions.

3. When you pay for your plan of care up front we offer a 10% discount.

Payment Options:

1. We prefer checks and offer discounts for these payments, however for your convenience, we accept all major credit/debit cards with no discount

2. Payment is due at the time of treatment each visit.