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“We Don’t Treat Pain – We Treat Dysfunction”


ReNew: Concierge Physical therapy is your premier in-home physical therapy service in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, and Destin. 


Joint and orthopedic treatment

Pick a joint: neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, foot/ankle. Each joint has its typical dysfunctions and pain syndromes. I treat all of it to maximize function and movement. Treatment generally includes manual therapy to reduce pain and specific exercise to improve the dysfunction causing the pain. My individualized home program services will also reduce the risk of recurrence.

Specific spinal mobilization

In my experience, many people believe chiropractors are best equipped to treat non-operable back pain. I want to tell you that while chiropractic treatment has a place in a holistic vision of healthcare, physical therapists are trained and skilled in spinal mobilizations as well. The benefit of physical therapy is that we are also trained in alternative ways to treat the spine other than mobilizations. The spine is very complex and mobilization isn’t always the best treatment.

Manual Therapy

This is my specialty and the bread and butter of the physical therapy treatment toolbox. Treatments include soft tissue mobilization, IASTM (similar to the Graston technique), spinal and joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, and contract/relax techniques to reduce pain and dysfunction.

Chronic Pain Treatment and Management

If you have had pain for over a year, it’s becoming chronic and as time goes on it’s more likely it will never go away. I have worked in many clinics where I was the clinician who received these patients because of my unique manual techniques and treatment protocols. It’s my belief chronic pain patients are the patients that do not fit into a classic treatment protocol (ie ACL tear or knee arthritis). I bring a unique set of skills to the table that allow me to diagnose more obscure musculoskeletal interactions to stop chronic pain.
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Functional Athlete Assessment© & Programming

There has been a huge movement in the exercise industry towards a more functional and holistic exercise experience. Unfortunately, with this movement comes less specialized workout programs with high-intensity activity putting some at risk for injury. That is why we have personally developed what we call the Functional Athlete Assessment ©. It is specifically designed to find the movement faults that put you at risk for injury and guide the process to reduce significant injury in your sport. This assessment is perfect for CrossFit athletes, Spartan racers, Boot Camp athletes, and other HIFT (high-intensity functional training) athletes who wish to reduce their injury risk and maximize their physical potential.

Nutritional Therapy Program

Food can alter inflammation, reduce pain, and even change disease states. A certified nutritional physical therapist can help you get moving better while also helping you work through holistic nutritional, mental, and physical health with one-on-one coaching. We offer a Nutritional evaluation and recommendation package or a full year coaching package that will include nutrition, exercise, metabolic education, and accountability to help you become your healthiest and self. We believe in nutrition that fits into your life, the kind that allows you to eat food you love and still feel confident in the knowledge that it can fit into a healthy life.

Healthy Lifestyle

Injury Prevention

As a doctor of physical therapy, former athlete, and current marathon runner, I know the typical injuries athletes tend to experience. I can personally evaluate your movement patterns and predict your risk for specific injuries. I can then recommend an exercise protocol that would reduce the risk of injury in the future. For example, runner’s knee is easily preventable and is typically caused by a number of muscle strength imbalances.

Movement Mechanics Education and Training

Ever wonder if you are doing an exercise correctly or started an exercise routine only to have pain deter you from continuing? Allow me to evaluate your mechanics in the comfort of your own home or local gym using your favorite machines, performing your favorite exercises, and improving your effectiveness. Even if you’re not injury prone, delays in strength and healing can happen when exercises are performed incorrectly. I estimate people lose about 25% of exercise effectiveness by performing an exercise wrong. I’m here to help.

Sports Rehabilitation

After injury, it’s important for athletes to return to their sport as fast as possible. Sometimes a fast and full recovery is possible, other times dealing with an injury throughout a season is inevitable. I can use manual techniques to reduce your pain and improve your function during the season. I can recommend the correct dose of exercise to prevent worsening of your injury and help it heal faster while maintaining your peak performance. As a healthcare provider, it’s always my recommendation to stop sport to recover, but I live in the real world and know that’s not always possible and scholarships, jobs, and personal goals get in the way of the gold standard. I’m here to help you do what you need to do safely.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Sometimes surgery is necessary, but, as I like to say, “there is no such thing as a successful surgery without successful therapy afterwards.” I can help the hardest surgeries become distant memories while helping you regain your maximum potential. Sometimes it takes time, but I can help you walk that path. Surgeries are often used to reduce pain and sometimes patients believe since they feel good, they don’t need PT to recover; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Dysfunctional movement patterns arise, weakness persists and stiffness creeps in. Even as little as one to two therapy visits can prevent all this with a simple exercise program.
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Geriatric Strength and Balance Training

In addition to my specialty in manual therapy and orthopedic rehab, I have spent a lot of my career helping patients prevent falls and recover from walking dysfunctions. I use an evidence-based approach and objective measures to accurately measure your fall risk, then recommend exercise programs to reduce this risk. Multiple falls are one of the primary reasons people are no longer able to continue living an independent life. It’s my desire to come alongside you to keep you happy, healthy, and independent as long as you like.

Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Training

As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, I had the pleasure of training under one of the most respected and accomplished vestibular physical therapists in the country. After graduation, I have worked in several outpatient neurologic clinics that specialize in this type of treatment. If you suffer from dizziness and nausea, I can help treat your symptoms. Depending on the cause, I can completely eliminate your symptoms within 1-3 visits. These issues are commonly overlooked by physical therapists and are easily treatable.

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