What Clients Are Saying


Captain Charles Hogue

“I writing this on behalf of David Harvitz, who served as my physical therapist from January 13, 2020 until February 13, 2020. On December 6, 2019, I was a first responder to an active shooter and was shot in the thigh during my response. The injury left me bed ridden for a short time. Mr. Harvitz was able to work with me and take me from being bed ridden to being able to walk and drive within the span of one month. Mr. Harvitz knowledge and experience with the muscle group of the human anatomy was outstanding. His ability to pinpoint the areas needing improvement based on my descriptions was impressive. I know that without the help and motivation that Mr. Harvitz provided I would not be up, walking around, and my recovery would have taken much longer. With the knowledge, care, and motivation that Mr. Harvitz showed me I know that all patients under his care receive the same high quality treatment that I received. If I am ever in a situation where I need physical therapy again, I will seek out Mr. Harvitz to receive treatment from him again because I know that I will be getting the best care possible.
Mr. Harvitz has my highest praise and personal endorsement. His dedication to his patients, duty, and providing knowledgeable, quality care is a reflection of his character, and work ethic. His example should be the standard for others to follow. I will be forever indebted to him.”


Vanessa Michel

“Dave is probably the most knowledgeable and professional DPT that I have had the honor to work with. Dave takes the time to make sure his patients understand why they are in physical therapy, why physical therapy is so important in their recovery and what they can do to see the greatest outcome from physical therapy. Dave makes sure that not only while he is performing the physical therapy on a patient he is explaining to them what he is doing and how they are benefiting from it. This is not a common practice that you see anymore. Dave has the best bedside manner when working with patients he treats them as if they were part of his family. The knowledge that Dave has when using manual therapy techniques is something that not a lot of therapists have and it can really help patients with chronic pain.. We still to this day have patients that come in and specifically request him as their therapist. You cannot go wrong using Renew Concierge Physical Therapy for your therapy services. You or your family member will be in the best hands possible when working with Dave.”


Caroline Lizama

I’m a RN who has worked alongside many Physical Therapists in caring for patients with various conditions requiring therapy and David is one the best! He is very passionate about his profession and thrives to give his patients real results!


Jo Jones

I wish I could give Dave 10 stars! He is the most compassionate person I’ve met in 2 years. I highly recommend him if you want the greatest service. His knowledge far surpasses any PT I have worked with in the past!”


Aaron Brewer

“Dave is one who I can say truly cares about the work he does. He’s not one who’s in a rush to get to the next patient but rather has a passion to get to the root problems of people’s pain. He takes his time to thoroughly examine you and he is one you can trust. Highly recommend Dave. You’ll be in good hands.”


John Garcia Jr

“David worked with my mother-in-law. He was very specific in his therapy approach with mom. He out performed any other therapists who had previously worked with her. I highly recommend David for your therapy needs; you won’t be disappointed.”


George Merrit

My wife Diann was evaluated by a therapist. The physical therapist was unable to help. We had David come to evaluate for a second opinion. David did not agree with the previous evaluation and was able to assist where the other therapist was not.

We were very pleased with the results David provided Diann. We normally give 4 stars however David earned 5 stars easily.”


Bryant Spratlin

“Dave has treated me for multiple injuries due to a major car accident. First, with my neck, his recommendation required less work and visits than my chiropractor said would be needed so I decided to go with his plan and he was exactly right. My neck was back to normal way sooner with way fewer visits which saved me tons of money. Next up has been the ongoing treatment for my hip. Dave has extensive knowledge that I just was not getting in a clinic with more traditional Physical Therapy. My progress under Dave’s care has far surpassed all expectations of my surgeon and doctors. You can trust Dave from ReNew Concierge Physical Therapy with your own healing journey.”

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